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Kevin Kipchirchir

Reflecting on your first month in practice, can you advise what the first month has been like for you?

I have been with Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr for the past 16 months now and I can't help but reflect on how this has been such a fulfilling experience for a budding lawyer who is just but one year into legal practice. The thought that went into the pupillage structure at CDH ensures that a young professional is exposed to the rigours of practice while teaching the core values of responsibility, responsiveness, and client-centricity. This is so much so that it is hard to complete the pupillage transactions without having learnt to be a fully independent legal practitioner.

The pupillage period exposed me to critical first-hand client interactions – something which is hard to come by ordinarily at training level - challenging transactions, and thoughtful training, guidance, and mentorship. The elaborate structure in which trainees work closely with partners in a team exposed me to intricate details that come with decades of experience of practicing law. Moreover, this structure meant that the partner is able to assess quickly and accurately the needs of each trainee and see how to switch up levers resulting in fully-fledged professionals.

What type of experience have you gained/been exposed to?

CDH adopts a rotational structure to its training exercise and therefore each pupil gets a chance to serve a seat in four out of the 10 practice areas of the firm. During my training period I served stints in the following practice areas - Corporate & Commercial, Finance & Banking, Dispute Resolution and Environmental Law. Other practice areas include Tax and Exchange Control, Real Estate, and Intellectual Property Law.

CDH is a continental law firm with offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi, and Stellenbosch, not to mention the extensive network of best friend firms in every other jurisdiction in the continent. This means that experience wise, one is exposed to a fully-fledged cross-border practice as well as a range on international clients. Coupled with the first-hand exposure to clients, this immensely contributes to one's growth.

What is your proudest moment and what are you looking forward to?

My proudest moment of being a CDH trainee is qualifying to the Kenyan Bar and getting retained as an Associate within the firm. I look forward to the immense possibilities that CDH presents and to being ready to rise to the occasion as I have over the past 16 months.

What advice would you give to a student that wants to join a corporate law firm?

Simply this, CDH is where Career Development Happens!

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