Our values

At Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, our corporate culture is founded on our values. These values guide our behaviour amongst our employees, clients and communities.


At CDH, we are consistent in our actions. We are true to our word and our commitments to our clients, our colleagues and our communities. Though we communicate clearly and candidly, we do so with respect, always.


Dedicating our best to our work, our clients and each other.


Safeguarding our culture, championing our people and claiming ownership of all that we do.

Client Satisfaction

At CDH, we pride ourselves on being client-centric. The quality of our work and the consistency of our service earn us our clients' loyalty and trust. We do not rest on these laurels - we continually strive to add more value wherever we can.


Creating a safe and inclusive environment in our teams, practices and firm encourages individuals to share their intrinsic strengths and identify areas in which they naturally excel. By complementing rather than competing with each other, we amplify our success, achieving goals greater than any individual working alone.

Personal Fulfillment

Individuals who fully develop their abilities and character bring a sense of purpose to their lives and to their work. At CDH, we harness this power, leveraging the individual strengths within our teams and practices. Only by recognising the unique value of each CDHer can we reach the true potential of the firm as a whole.


We treat everyone - regardless of rank, title, status or tenure – with courtesy, consideration and attentiveness.


Each and every CDHer is expected to strive for quality in all that they do. We recognise the important difference between a relentless drive for quality on one hand and perfectionism on the other. We guard against the latter's trappings, not allowing our pursuit of excellence to manifest in inflexibility or paralysis.


The responsibility of creating an inclusive culture does not sit with leadership alone – it sits with every CDHer. More than window dressing, our firm's diversity is a priority and paramount to our success.


As a truly African law firm, we strongly believe in transformation. We want to be a part of bringing positive change to the legal profession. We aspire to be a firm:


Whose partners and professional and support employees are representative of the racial, gender, cultural and religious diversity of the people of Africa.


Where men and women at all levels within the firm enjoy equal opportunities and treatment in relation to access to work, recruitment, promotion and remuneration.


That creates a working environment that is sensitive to the particular challenges faced by previously marginalised groups such as women and black people.