Who are we
looking for?

We look for all-rounders, ie law students with a good academic record, good communication skills (oral and written) and interests in areas outside of their studies (sport, culture, university initiatives, community work etc). We value integrity, a positive attitude and a commitment to contribute to a successful partnership.

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Your journey to
becoming a Lawyer

  • Law Graduate Practical Training

    The period of practical legal training before you may be admitted as an attorney. The contract is registered with the relevant Legal Practice Council.

  • Life as a Law Graduate

    General Duties

    Legal research; drafting various documents including commercial contracts, company documents, letters, notices, pleadings and opinions; attending court proceedings; attending meetings and consultations with clients and counsel. This will be done under the guidance and supervision of some of our lawyers.


    A positive attitude, self-motivation and determination, resilience and tenacity, reliability, professionalism and integrity, ownership and accountability, attention to detail.

  • Training and Skills Development

    • Additional in-house training, learning and skills development programmes
    • Work with world-class companies on quality matters and transactions
    • Work and train in diverse teams of like-minded lawyers
    • Access to the most up-to-date legal information resources
    • Professional skills development
    • Regular evaluation to help you realise your potential and career goals
    • Form relationships with your local community through voluntary and pro bono work
  • Examinations

    Practical Legal Training (PLT) / Attorneys Admission Examinations

    We offer an accredited in-house Practical Legal Training Course in preparation for the Attorneys Admission Examinations. The examinations consist of four exam papers: Court Procedures; Wills & Estates; Attorneys Practice & Ethics; Bookkeeping. These examinations are written during February and August of each year.

  • Rotation System

    Our law graduates' are given the opportunity to rotate to a different practice area every six months. We firmly believe that this provides them with the best level of practical experience and learning through exposure to different practice areas and sectors.

  • Learn as much as you can

    Make the most of the training and skills development opportunities within the firm. This includes not only formal training sessions but also networking opportunities, informal functions and social events.

  • Partnership

    We believe in partnering with our law graduates'. We want them to succeed as lawyers and we strive to offer an environment where they are given every opportunity and means to reach their full potential.

  • Admission

    You've made it!

    At the end of your Practical Vocational Training and after you have successfully passed the admission examinations, you will be eligible to be admitted as an attorney of the High Court. At the end of your Practical Vocational Training, you may be appointed on a permanent basis, ie as an associate within a particular practice area.

Guide for Law Students.

Need a guide to help you navigate the application process? From writing a motivation letter, structuring your CV to preparing for the all-important interview, this is your passport to figuring it all out.

Graduate Recruitment Committee

This committee is responsible for the recruitment of our Candidate Attorneys. The members currently serving on the committee are as follows: